Daily fanatic – Bon Iver, Lady Gaga & Clarence Clemons

Posted on June 23, 2011


Here’s a sweetly personal review of Bon Iver’s new album from Sunset in the Rearview Mirror. “My life, my childhood: it’s all there, packaged into one 38-minute album called Bon Iver. Above all else, what’s blown me away the most is this album’s ability to make me step back and take a bird’s eye view of my own life and see the beautiful moments in everyday life that at one point seemed mundane and far from memorable.” There’s an audio player for “Hinnom, TX”.

Loved this tribute to the late Clarence Clemons posted by Gaga Stigmata (a weirdly great blog dedicated to the cultural analysis of Lady Gaga). Clemons, a legendary member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, was last seen performing with Lady Gaga on her pop anthem “Edge of Glory.” The video premiered just a few days before he passed, and its stripped down look was pretty roundly panned. Here’s Gaga Stigmata’s astute observation: “Having rejected a high-end fantasy concept at the last minute, Gaga chose instead to produce a pure, stripped down, deeply personal solo performance that premiered to much controversy and carping. Her instinctive commitment to making THIS video THIS way for THIS song now seems poignantly prophetic. Clarence was the visual as well as musical anchor for the video. He was the Street in Gaga’s New York City. His solo was the Edge and Glory that she danced to with utter abandonment and joy, giving flesh and blood to the voice of his saxophone.

Here’s the video. What do you think?

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