Daily fanatic – Connect with fans to stop illegal downloading

Posted on June 29, 2011


Mother monster and little ones

Dedicated fans are a musician’s most precious asset. They generate buzz, creating that surge of demand when the new album comes out or tickets go on sale. They swarm social media to spread your good news and squash nasty rumors. They will ransom their pets to afford the merch. And yes, they do steal music, but true fans also make sure to buy it. Some even buy multiple copies to compensate for the fans who don’t. And they educate other fans to do the same.

Now – Ta Dah! – an academic study bears out what we’ve been sayin’. As reported by Hypebot: “An academic research paper by Kalika N. Doloswal and Ann Dadich on “using policy to curb illegal downloading” provides some interesting insights into the strength of efforts to connect musicians and fans via social media. Participation in services like Sellaband is said to help build a psychological contract between fan and musician that has the potential to affect downloading activities…Perhaps the diy executive takeaway is that building strong relationships with fans encourages them to support your work and social media is useful in building those relationships.”

Hear hear! OK, maybe Lady Gaga doesn’t need Sellaband, a U.K.-based funding platform similar to Kickstarter, but for artists with smaller but equally dedicated fanbases, these tools are transformational. We’re big supporters, and once the bands produce their albums, fanatic.fm can help them find sponsors for the album or single releases. (Apologies for pimping ourselves here!)

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