Daily fanatic – Found sound spaces

Posted on June 30, 2011


From weburbanist.com

I love this story on NPR about Mason Jar Music, a group of musical artists and producers who create and record live performances in unusual acoustic spaces in New York City. Such spaces abound. I’m reminded of a blind date I once went on with a New York performance artist to hear him perform the mourner’s Kaddish in a condemned lower east side synagogue. I froze my butt off, my feet were in agony from standing for hours in stilettos, and the date ended in drunken tears (not mine), but my memory is forever etched with the emotive wails resonating through the dank, crumbling stone vault.

In this age of digital music, it’s great to be reminded of the primal power of acoustic sound, in real time and space, made and shared with living, breathing people.

Listen on NPR – The Wood brothers team up with Mason Jar Music to record in abandoned NYC buildings

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