Memo to Musicians: Why are you hiding?

Posted on July 1, 2011



Memo to Independent Artists: Why are you hiding?

Dear musicians, why do you make it so difficult to contact you?  At a time when so many wonderful and talented artists are struggling to make a living with their music or even to be heard, has come along with a great idea to earn revenue for your music!  It’s happening right now.

At we are constantly searching for artists and we find some terrific music but when we want to reach out and introduce ourselves and our platform, too often we reach a dead end.

Why is it like breaking into Fort Knox to reach either the artist or the manager?

While we can find the My Space, the Facebook, the iTunes, the fan site and the street team, we can’t find a name, email and phone number to talk business.  What do you suppose happens after we go through this hunt unsuccessfully?  Sadly, we move on.  But we had our hearts set on you, love your music and it’s a good fit, so we will spend lots of time trying to track you down, but we do reach a limit and have to move on.

We really don’t get it! Why the secrecy around contacting artists for business?  If we are missing something, please let us know.  We want fans to hear your music for free while you get paid and your charity receives donations! We want you to develop relationships with sponsors so that next Superbowl, maybe it’s your music that plays over the prime time TV ad. We promote artists through our various social media sites to expand your fan base, a critical factor for success.  Think about it, how do potential fans discover you, get to enjoy your music, your unique talent?

It’s just this simple to Join the Global Fanatic Movement!  Let us go to work for you.

Check it out and then contact us.

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