Fans speak – Uh Huh Her

Posted on July 2, 2011


The music that’s burning up our sound system right now is Uh Huh Her‘s new EP “Black and Blue”. We can’t say enough good things about this great electropop duo. If you are into Goldfrapp and Robyn, you will go crazy for Uh Huh Her. We love how they blend slinky synths with hard-driving rock beats. Camila Grey and Leisha Haley are two immensely appealing and brilliant performers who both sing and between them play just about every instrument in the band. They are women who are not afraid to show their vulnerability, sexiness and power.

Here’s the official video of ‘Black and Blue’, the title single off their new EP

And we get a kick out of ‘Not a Love Song’ from their first album Common Reaction

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