Helen Adove Hawk – Dream Awake Album

Posted on July 7, 2011


By K.Hollinsworth

 *This album should come with a warning “do not listen to this at work, while handling machinery or while you are driving.”  fanatic.fm will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained.*

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From the opening notes of The Essence, to long after the player stops, you will be haunted by her voice and music. You will be forgiven if you are left wondering “where have I heard this voice before?”  Grasping at the ethereal strands, you may recall the full throated depth of the inimitable Shirley Bassey or the emotional expressiveness and range of Nina Simone, but Helen Adove Hawk is an original and as timeless as Bassey and Simone.

Listen to Futures Golden and imagine yourself in a thatched hut in the Tropic of Capricorn, the woman on stage sensuously draws you in with her powerful female presence as her exotic voice enveloping you.  She approaches, takes your hand, enticing with “Come on, dive into the future…” and with a Latin dance beat you willingly follow, swaying hips, firm footed emphasis on the downbeat, whirling and twirling.

You follow outside where she tells you “A new day is dawning”  and you believe her when she sings Dream Awake.

 Helen Adove Hawk evokes the hot, humid tropical rainforest with lush overlays of her voice combined with acoustic drums and electronic sounds.  Turn up the fan! Lie back on the chaise to feel the fullness of Love Quake.  “Shaken to the core as all resistance crumbles” as the “waves come crashing down”.  A lyrical epic that knocks you back and pins you down as her voice rises from its depths in a tsunami of seamless flow.  Sip the cooling rum punch – sweet and saucy and hope to cool down, but not too much.

I can’t imagine how a video would improve on the imagery coursing through my mind.

You will be compelled to hit replay for the four song set.  Best enjoyed alone and let the music move you with its passion, poetry and visual luxury, even better with a lover…..

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