Electric Fence – Opa!!

Posted on July 19, 2011


by K.Hollinswsorth

Last night I was organizing my Macedonian folk/dance music, slow, dark, depressed and plodding much of it – good to induce a cleansing weep. Woke up to this glorious celebration – a powerfully contemporary uptake on the timeless and ancient.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I had no idea what to expect when I pressed “play” to hear fanatic.fm’s newest artists.  The portal burst open to a Bohemian set at the Moulin Rouge – stage adorned with fully regaled belly dancers – a flurry of sequins, veils and sinuous bodies moving at double speed.  (I don’t wanna) “Think Twice”

While born of ancient roots, this music expresses a youthful desire, no a demand, for pleasures.  Go ahead, it’s not your fault, irresistible to the sweep into singer’s seductive sphere – the Temptress.  When she invites with “Are you ready…Let’s go get it… Let’s get love now….”  “Ready Steady Go”  “It’s the right time….” and you can’t let go now.  At times coquettish, other times dominant and demanding, this is one powerful female character.

Any listener who feels the seductive pull of of the Balkan, Slavic, Aegean, Greek, Middle Eastern or Roma spirit will be transported to a place in your subconscious at once mysterious yet oddly familiar. But this is electric, eclectic and rocks! It’s the song “Stressless”  where we’re surprised with a robotic strand of electronica and voice.  You might grab a brandy or a dry as dust vino while you swing, swirl and sway and ultimately rock! to the mystic rhythm.

I could easily run away with this caravan …… Opa!!

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