Daryl Strodes-Romance is Alive and Well

Posted on July 25, 2011


by K. Hollinsworth

 Luxuriate in the velvet voice promising the romance of red roses with whispered expressions of passion. The emotion is love, the tone is patient while leaving no doubt to his intentions.

I Still Want You” is the opening move and he proceeds to seduce with music, lyrics and full body contact directing the dance.Spare instrumentation allows the persuasive vocals to caress your spirit as you sway to the exotic combinations of sound and rhythms, changing with each song, a well-seasoned, aromatic repast for the soul.

This album is best enjoyed as a six course gourmet meal, candlelit and fragrant. By the fourth offering “It’s a Physical Thing” you’re side by side on the banquet, Grande Marnier warming, liquid amber. “I can hear what you’re thinking….”

You Look Good on Me” brings the after-dinner jazz beat to the soulful evening. Daryl Strodes’ voice must be pedigreed: Pendergrass, Luther, Marvin, Al Green and Jackie Wilson, a little Smokey to name but a few. Turn the lights down and listen with someone you love, you won’t be disappointed….

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