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Posted on September 19, 2011


Well here’s a pleasant surprise that came across our editorial desk this morning via Google Alert: – Influencing and Changing the World through MusicA very positive review of by Rahul Prabhakar, Chief Technical Writer and Editor at OnSuccess. He totally gets our model:

Instead of paying for ineffective advertising spots on music sites, sponsors can now create a pool of funds for their campaign and then invite musicians who best represent their brand image. However, the invited musicians can choose to accept or refuse the invitation. A sponsorship relationship is only formed once both parties agree mutually.

With the help of, sponsors can create quite a stir through their social media campaigns, and can promote their products directly on the band’s music player.

The company shares total sponsorship proceeds with the musicians in the ratio of 30:70, while a combined share of 5% (2.5% each) is donated to charities chosen by the musicians.

And we LOVE this: truly lives up to the idea of influencing and changing the world through music.”

Read the full OnSuccess article here.