artist Traedonya! to debut in NYC & LA

Posted on October 20, 2011

3 is delighted to work with one of our most exciting artists, Traedonya!  on her upcoming “Audio Visual Debutante Events.” is a media sponsor and will broadcast a livestream of the NYC event on November 3, hosted by June Kinoshita and Katherine Hollinsworth, our worldwide marketing and development team.  Can’t wait to see you there!

Wonder what “The Bride of new Funk Hipopera” sounds like? 

Listen to “Another Lie” MP3

R.S.V.P. below to reserve your spot on these guest-list only media events and the NYC lunch for media/bloggers.

 Here’s the media release about the event:


Prohibition with Gitwitit Productions is pleased to announce, The Audio Visual Debutante events in NYC and LA are for music, TV, and media tastemakers only. The events shall feature different types of artistic expression of media and art. The NYC event will be held at The Redbull Performance Space in Soho NYC, on Thursday Nov 3rd. The LA event shall be held at The Library in the center of Hollywood on Nov 14th which is the same week of the American Music Awards in LA. The headline talent for the evenings are vocalist TRAEDONYA! (AKA The Bride of new Funk hipopera) and Celebrity cake artist, CAKEDIVA. SUPPORTING act in NYC will be DJ Dani Lehman who has just come from headlining her first Mexican tour.

The events are to formally introduce TRAEDONYA! and CAKEDIVA to music, tv and media tastemakers in intimate comfortable settings in the top 2 media markets in North America. The events will be presented in various multimedia formats. They will be streamed, tweeted and simulcasted via a live radio stream to reach an audience outside of the venues and markets.

TRAEDONYA! will perform a 30-minute set for industry tastemakers in the audience. She will premier a new performance style as well as a new image. TRAEDONYA! has gotten buzz via the blogosphere, new media radio. Her last 3 singles have made the national North American club chart, and she will have some fresh material for the industry and fans watching. CAKEDIVA who has made Cakes of art for high profile celebrities such as Beyonce and Queen Latifah will shoot a episode of her reality show which will showcase her work live and direct. We want industry tastemakers to come out, enjoy and network with each other. Both Events are guest list only and we shall have the necessary amenities there to enhance your experience. In NYC, Cayrum which is a brand new rum has sponsored the event. “I have been told that Cayrum goes well with Red Bull and ginger ale. We are also excited to do the NYC event at the Red Bull Space,” says Prohibition Entertainment’s A.K Smith-Ford.

In NYC TRAEDONYA! shall host an intimate lunch for bloggers days prior to the event so the writers can get a portrait of who she really is. “I am looking forward to hosting this lunch,” says TRAEDONYA!

Our media sponsors for the events are,  and who shall be live on site simulcasting their live radio show.

Please RSVP for NYC @

RSVP for LA:

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