Tribe of Noise – a cyber marketplace for your music

Posted on December 1, 2011


One of the most interesting companies we ran into at the Social Media World Forum in New York City was Amsterdam-based Tribe of Noise, an online music community that connects artists, fans and professionals. Independent artists can register and upload their music in the MP3 format, under a Creative Commons 3.0 by-share alike license.

“This license maximizes the artist’s exposure by allowing commercial and non-commercial use,” the company explains. “While the traditional music industry is still in the repressive mode by introducing digital rights management and sending out the watch dogs, we rather think in solutions for like-minded spirits. People are sharing music, so give them something to share!!”

If you wholly own your music, you can make it available over Tribe of Noise and earn revenue by selling it to commercial clients, including advertisers, broadcasters, filmmakers, game developers, the hospitality industry and others.

This video explains the concept:

Check out Tribe of Noise and let us know what you think!