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Posted on December 6, 2011

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Brian Hazard

  • Brian Hazard of Color Theory announced the release of a “best of” collection, as a Christmas gift to his listeners. The track selection comes from a recent survey asking fans to pick their favorite songs from 17 years worth of releases. The resulting album is entitled The Best 1994-2011, and features the top two fan favorites from five Color Theory albums: The Sound (2010), The Thought Chapter (2008), Life’s Fairytale (2001), Perfect Tears (1999), Sketches in Grey (1994). Fans of The Postal Service and Depeche Mode should pick it up while they can. Here’s Color Theory on
  • Pasheen has just released her NuJazz CD. Here’s what Angela Carole Brown, Singer/Songwriter/Producer and author of Trading Fours, had to say about this artist: “And then there’s that voice! It is textured and haunting, a lesson in the mastery of phrasing, a history rich with tales and battle scars and luscious liquored flavorings, always in impeccable control, if at moments purposely letting loose grace notes both feral and unrestrained, and with the fattest, sexiest vibrato I think I’ve ever heard.”
  • Paul Loeb’s Beatport Bombs. Check out his Electro House/Progressive House duo Blunt Guitar at
  • Mr.Tac a.k.a. “Chocolate”, New York City indie artist, just released an album “Klassified Material The MixTape Chapter 1.” He also recently released his single “Your Love Is Gone,” a hip hop, pop hybrid track. Here’s his player.
  • Young Kong – Close to Fame. Here’s Young Kong on