Fans speak – Maïa Vidal’s “Alphabet of My Phobias”

Posted on January 11, 2012


We’re loving this ravishing music video of singer-songwriter Maïa Vidal‘s new release, “Alphabet of My Phobias.” In this song, the waifish Vidal twists the innocence of a child reciting the alphabet into a litany of horrors of modern life. The video by filmmaker Noni Korf intermingles dewy, bridelike images of the lovely Vidal with childish crayon scrawls that morph from letters into crashing planes, factory smokestacks and other images that haunt the world. Sung with charm and simplicity at first, the song crescendos towards the end as Vidal’s voice cracks and pleads and soars to embrace the world in all its flaws and suffering. Perfection. – J.K.

Check out this interview on Public Radio International, Maïa Vidal – A Young Singer From Barcelona
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