Christa Vi + Mint ‘Long Way Home/Clockwork Funfair Remix’

Posted on January 18, 2012


by J.K.

We’ve previously done a little flail over Christa Vi, a beguiling Australian/German singer based in East London. She sent us this winsome remix by Mint of her song “Long Way Home”. Christa explains how the collaboration came about:

“After meeting Mint (aka Murray Fisher) through mutual friends at a party – on a carpark rooftop actually! – in South London, we got to discussing music. Mint has been making music and has been involved in electronic production since the mid-1980s. He co-runs the label Boltfish Recordings with his friend Cheju.

I was impressed by the way Mint manages to fuse organic and electronic sounds creating glitchy mechanical soundscapes which still sound very warm and playful. I am a big fan of Bjork and the minimalist production and remixes of her tracks in the 90s which were quite experimental at the time and really introduced me to the world of IDM (intelligent dance music) or glitch / electronica. I wanted to see what Mint could do with my song Long Way Home with these ideas in mind.

 So Mint agreed to the remix and I’m really pleased with the result – it’s like he has re-imagined the song, created a new, lighter atmosphere around it taken it into Mint’s own world! And I’m excited that Mint has decided to release this track as part of his own remix EP ‘Switchback’, due out on Boltfish Recordings on 30th January 2012.

I’m planning to release the original version of Long Way Home as a single EP with Mint’s remix and two other exciting remixes by Asa / Eleven8 and Super Class sometime in May 2012. Check for more releases by Mint.”

Christa’s album is scheduled to be released on January 31, 2012.  You won’t want to miss it – so stay tuned!  There is sure to be a brand to sponsor Christa’s new works.  Spread the word!

Please enjoy “Your Heart” and “Long Way Home” with our compliments.

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