Female rock pioneers empower girls

Posted on August 4, 2012


We’re HUGE fans of the Institute for the Musical Arts. Situated on a 200-year-old farm atop a hill in Goshen, MA, it’s an idyllic haven where teenaged girls can hone their rock music chops in a laid-back, nurturing environment. They have amazing mentors, starting with IMA’s founders June Millington and Ann Hackler, rock music veterans who have a dream:

Imagine a world in which the major decisions affecting the community are made in the kitchen, rather than in a boardroom; a world where what is central to the workplace is the coming together to break bread, rather than simply to make bread.  Imagine this because it is happening here at IMA as we grow this place rooted in women’s relationships.  Imagine this because as we continue to work to bring equality, balance and harmony to the world, we are moving toward a place where everyone who comes to The Table is fed. – Ann Hackler

Check out this Ms. Magazine article about June’s pioneering band (“You never heard of fanny?”), the first all-woman hard rock band signed to a major label. They kicked some serious ass. Here:

If you’re anywhere near New England on August 25, don’t miss the “Lady and the Amp” festival featuring the talented girls who have come through IMA over the past decade. It’s the real deal! Tickets here.

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