Bands: How to enter a Band Search Contest

If a Sponsor has an ongoing Band Search Contest, here’s how you can enter:

1) Most important, is there a great fit between your music and a Sponsor’s brand image? Seriously, the match has to make sense, or you’re just wasting your time and the Sponsor’s. You’re better off waiting for a more appropriate Sponsor.

2) If you truly feel your music resonates with the brand, go ahead and sign up as a Musician to

3) Upload your album/band images (we recommend 3-5 images, 620 pixels wide x 349 pixels high) and mp3s of your music (we recommend an EP or full album’s worth).

4) Set a cost per play.

5) Once your player has been posted, go to the Sponsor home page, find the contest sponsor’s page, and “Suggest” that they sponsor you. You are now entered in their Band Search Contest.

6) Let your fans know about the contest and ask them to recommend you to the Sponsor. Here’s what to say: “Visit my player [enter your link here] and click on “Suggestions” (upper right corner) and rate the Sponsor suggestion.”

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