The Band Search Contest

Here’s an exciting way for your brand to engage with music fans. Invite unsigned artists to enter a competition over to win a sponsorship campaign! Here’s how:

1) Sign up as a Sponsor on

2) When you sign up, you will be asked to upload images. We recommend brand images (rather than specific product images) that will blend with artists’ images and music to make a strong positive impact.

3) Set a budget for your campaign. You can set up as many campaigns as the number of artists you wish to support. The budget will not be spent until the contest is over and fans actually play the winning artist’s music. You will be charged on a cost per play basis. Low risk, high rewards!

4) Post an announcement about the contest on your website, Facebook page, Twitter and email newsletters. Here’s a sample text, but you can create your own:

“Who’s the hottest unsigned band out there?” If you think you have what it takes, enter our Band Search Contest. We’ll pick ___ winners and sponsor their music on Fans will be able to hear great new music for free, while the winning bands earn cash and donate part of their earnings to a charity of their choice. Our contest begins _______ and ends _______.

Here are the instructions to enter the contest:

5) Send out reminders during the contest period.

6) Select a winning artist. Launch the player by accepting the winner from the Suggestions list on your sponsor player. This will cause your branding and the artist’s images and music to be combined in a single player.

7) The player can now be embedded on your website or blog and Facebook page. The artist will also embed the player on his or her own website and social media assets. Invite the public to give it listens!

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