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Hypebot – connects bands with brands for charity – “How to monetize music is the biggest challenge of the post-Napster music industry.  At Midem 2010, Ian K.introduced himself with an exciting concept that’s a four-way win for artists, brands, charities and fans.” Read more.

Sounds like branding – New service connects bands and brands – is a music sponsorship platform where brands and bands can find each other in a new way. Instead of paying for advertising spots on music destination sites, brands set up a pool of funds for a branding campaign and “invite” musicians that they feel best portray their brand values and image.” Read more. – Platform connects bands and brands for sponsorship deals “Music fans have already been playing an increasingly significant role in the funding and management of the bands they love, but a new site aims to give brands a chance to get involved as well. Toward that end, is a music sponsorship platform where brands and bands can find each other.” Read more. – Band-brand Fanatic “Brand looking for band, or vice versa? Then maybe it’s time to check, a music sponsorship platform where those two parties can find each other.” – Ian Kwon on’s platform to monetize music by connecting artists with brands & charities “What wants to do is help brands advance beyond just a product-consumer relationships and tap into the sticky relationship that forms between musicians and their fans.” Read more.

On Success – – Influencing and Changing the World through Music.



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