How to embed the player

To get the most out of your player, you need to spread it around on blogs and Facebook pages where fans will see it and give it listens. Here’s how:

On Facebook

Method 1. This is super simple! Just post the link for your player on your wall. The down side is that as new status updates are posted, the link will get pushed down on the page, making it less likely that people will see it. You’ll need to repost the link regularly.

Method 2. Embed the player on the Welcome tab of your Facebook page:

  1. Create a Facebook page (not profile) if you don’t have one already.
  2. Install the ‘iFrame tab’. Go to and click on “Get App.” You’ll be prompted to add the app to your page. Click on “Static HTML: iframe tabs”.
  3. You’ll be directed back to your page. In the left margin, you’ll see a new “Welcome” link. Click on that.
    1. Option 1: If you want both fans and non-fans to hear your music, copy the embed code from into the “Enter your content here” box. The default code looks like this: <object width=”620″ height=”349″ … You’ll need to change it to: <object width=”500″ height=”281″…
    2. Option 2: If you want to require that people “Like” your page before listening, put instructions in the top “Enter your content here” box (e.g. “Thanks for visiting our fan page. Click on “Like” to hear pre-release tracks from our new album.”) Then embed your player code into the lower box marked “[Optional] Fans-only content.” Remember to manually re-code the player size to <object width=”500″ height=”281″…
    3. Fancy Option 2: You can create a spiffier-looking Welcome page tab using a free app like PageModo (

On blogs and websites

Method 1: Go to your player and click on the “Embed” under your player. Next, “Copy” the code. Paste the code into your website.

Method 2: Some websites and blogs will not accept the embed code. In such cases, you can use VodPod, a service that captures video (for example from YouTube) onto your own VodPod collection.

  1. First, create a VodPod account
  2. On your VodPod account page, enter the URL for your player
  3. Follow instructions to “Add Video” to your collection.
  4. From VodPod you can post the video to WordPress and various social media.
  5. The player size should be re-set to <object width=”500″ height=”281″

If you run into problems, post a question in the Comments section and we’ll get back to you.

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