Quick Guide for Musicians

fanatic.fm is a web-based platform for sponsored music. Brands can sponsor an artist’s album or singles, and when fans play the music, the sponsor pays the artist. A part of the proceeds is donated to a charity picked by the artist. The artist gains exposure and revenue. The sponsor wins the hearts of fans. The charity gets visibility and funding.

What does fanatic.fm do for artists?

  • You get sponsored to release your music oniine.
  • A sponsored release of a new album can create buzz.
  • Fans get to enjoy your music for free.
  • You support a charity of your choice.
  • The fanatic.fm player directs listeners to links to buy your music.
  • You build relationships with fans, sponsors and charities.

How it works 

  • You follow the simple steps to sign up as a fanatic.fm artist.
  • You upload the music you wish to share over fanatic.fm.
  • We retain a non-exclusive right. You are free to distribute elsewhere.
  • You set the cost per play.
  • A sponsor invites you OR you invite a sponsor to support your music. To do this, click on the Sponsor link at the top of the fanatic.fm website. Choose a sponsor and click on the “Invite” button under the sponsor’s player.
  • A sponsor-artist relationship is created by mutual agreement. After you invite a sponsor, you need to wait for the sponsor to accept your invitation.
  • At any point, you may also form a relationship with a charity.
  • Your music plays over an embeddable player that displays images provided by you, the sponsoring brand, and your designated charity.
  • You get your fans to listen over the fanatic.fm player.
  • Each play earns revenue. 70% goes to you, 30% to fanatic.fm.

Promoting your music

  • Links to your website, facebook, etc. are placed in your fanatic.fm player.
  • You’ll need to embed the player on your site and ask your fans to do the same on their facebook pages, blogs, fan sites, etc.
  • You can post the player on facebook.
  • The player includes social media sharing tools. Ask your fans to share shamelessly!
  • Sponsors and charities can also embed the player on their sites.
  • Fanatic.fm promotes your music to fan communities, music bloggers, etc.

Visit http://fanatic.fm. The FAQ and Guidelines links in the footer explain which recordings are eligible and how to register and upload to the site.

We’re very excited about the opportunities fanatic.fm creates for you to gain wide exposure for your music and earn revenue. Our platform enables you to build relationships with sponsors, charities and most importantly with fans.

For further information contact:
Katherine Hollinsworth, Chief Development Officer (905-469-7694)
June Kinoshita, Chief Strategic Officer (617-669-1706) june@fanatic.fm

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