Quick Guide for Sponsors

fanatic.fm is a web-based platform for branded music. Brands can sponsor an artist’s album or singles, and when fans play the music, the sponsor pays the artist out of a pre-determined budget. The artist and fanatic.fm also donate part of the proceeds to a charity. Our model lets brands advance beyond product-consumer relationships and tap into the affinity that forms between true fans and musicians.

What does fanatic.fm do for sponsors?

  • Your support for artists translates into high click-through rates and positive impressions
  • The player can be placed on multiple websites to broaden sponsor reach
  • International in scope – global opportunities for brand exposure
  • fanatic.fm is compatible with existing brand/artist campaigns
  • There is an integral philanthropic component, which generates good will
  • fanatic.fm is not passive; social media promotion is built into the platform
  • As a growing platform with numerous artists, there is music to suit every brand
  • Low risk – you set the budget for your sponsorship campaign, but you spend only when your campaign is actually viewed
  • Data are available – track your performance
  • The fanatic.fm marketing team works closely with you to maximize your opportunities

Superior CTR performance

  • 3.60% click-through rate from the fanatic.fm player to sponsor websites
  • 0.42% click-through rate from impressions

How it works

  • You follow the simple steps to sign up as a fanatic.fm sponsor.
  • Your Creative provides images and texts to display in the fanatic.fm player.
  • You establish a budget and duration for a sponsorship campaign.
  • You invite one or more artists to have their music sponsored by you. To do this, click on the Musicians link at the top of the fanatic.fm site, select a musician and click on the “Sponsor” button under the musician’s player.
  • fanatic.fm’s marketing team can help you find good matches, including pre-release music that you can review and sponsor for a high-impact official release.

Promoting your brand

  • Links to your website, facebook, etc. are placed on the fanatic.fm player.
  • You embed the player on your brand’s web site, facebook page, and so on.
  • Promote your campaign through your social media assets, and ask the musicians and fans to promote the player.
  • Fanatic.fm also promotes the sponsored music to fan communities, music bloggers.

For further information

  • Visit http://fanatic.fm
  • Katherine Hollinsworth, Chief Development Officer (905-330-6521)
  • June Kinoshita, Chief Strategic Officer (617-669-1706)

“Brands and bands partnering for music that changes the world”

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