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Fans speak: Sia’s “Diamond” in the rough

January 12, 2013


Sia Furler is one of our favorite singer-songwriters-who-may-be-just-too-good-to-become-pop-superstars. Ever since her Rihanna hit “Diamonds” topped the charts, we’ve yearned to hear Sia’s version. Whataya know – a couple of months ago she obliged us by performing a stripped down, haunting interpretation at a Norwegian-American benefit event. Check it out: Advertisements

Fans Speak – Fanny “Beside Myself”

August 6, 2012


Okay, we just recently learned about this powerful all-woman band, the first to release an album on a major label back in the male-dominated rock world of the 1970s. You never heard of them either? They deserve far wider recognition. Here’s what David Bowie said about Fanny in Rolling Stone (29 December 1999): One of the […]

Female rock pioneers empower girls

August 4, 2012


We’re HUGE fans of the Institute for the Musical Arts. Situated on a 200-year-old farm atop a hill in Goshen, MA, it’s an idyllic haven where teenaged girls can hone their rock music chops in a laid-back, nurturing environment. They have amazing mentors, starting with IMA’s founders June Millington and Ann Hackler, rock music veterans […]

Joan Jett, DIY Pioneer

July 19, 2012


A friend sent this to me today out of the blue. As it happens, I’m going to see Girl in a Coma tonight, a trio of badass Latinas out of San Antonia, TX, who are signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records. Jett was not only one of the women trailblazers in rock ‘n’ roll, she […]

Fans speak – Scarlett Cherry “It’s Only Change”

May 13, 2012


By June K. For Mother’s Day, from fierce mama Scarlett Cherry comes this live studio recording of “It’s Only Change” off her album “Labor of Love.” Co-written with Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble, among others, this song sends chills up the spine with its bittersweet celebration of life’s changes. Perhaps it’s because I’m about to […]

Fans speak – Maïa Vidal “Follow Me”

April 28, 2012


We’re entranced by this emerging artist who seems poised to break through to the next level. Here’s her latest music video. Is she a wolf in sheep’s clothing? We’ll willing follow her into her den.

Christa Vi + Mint ‘Long Way Home/Clockwork Funfair Remix’

January 18, 2012


by J.K. We’ve previously done a little flail over Christa Vi, a beguiling Australian/German singer based in East London. She sent us this winsome remix by Mint of her song “Long Way Home”. Christa explains how the collaboration came about: “After meeting Mint (aka Murray Fisher) through mutual friends at a party – on a carpark […]