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“The music has to come first. Let the fans have the keys to the car.” – Stu Pflaum

Sponsored musicians on can stream their albums for free to listeners AND earn revenue at a higher rate than any other free streaming service. It’s promotion, fan-community building and income all rolled into one highly portable package.

But to work, everyone has to be part of the promotion team. Whether you’re the musician, sponsor, charity or a fan, you need to tell others! It’s not hard. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the Facebook “like” button under the player
  2. Post a comment on your Facebook page urging friends to listen, share and buy
  3. Use the Tweet button to invite followers to listen, share and buy
  4. Repeat regularly, without spamming. Find something fresh to say
  5. Post the player on your Facebook page. Just copy the player URL as a link
  6. Post the player on your blog using the Embed code. Here’s our Quick Guide.

Contact us ( if you need help!!

Here are the basic economics of streaming media: To earn $1,160 per month (US monthly minimum wage), artists need 849,817 streams from Rhapsody, 1, 546,667 plays on and 4,549,020 plays from Spotify. In contrast, artists need only 171,852 plays on to earn $1,161 (assuming a typical rate of $1.00 per 100 plays).

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